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Faith & Traditions

The Malankara Syrian Orthodox Church’s faith and liturgy are similar to those observed by the Universal Syrian Orthodox church such as the belief in Trinity, Jesus Christ’s incarnation as the savior, Holy Cross, the Church, Holy Bible, the Divinity of the traditions, the creed of Nicea, the observations of the sacramental rites, intercession of St.Mary and Saints, rites after death, prayers for the dead, daily prayers, lent, fasting, celebrating holy Qurbana on Sunday and other sacred days, church consecration, the three stages of priesthood which has the Apostolic succession that comes from St. Peter through the Holy Throne of Antioch preserving the canonic laying on the hands, baptism, the Holy Cross, the three Holy Synods and the Relics of Holy fathers etc..

The Syrian Orthodox church accepts only three Ecumenical Synods namely Nicea (A.D.325), Constantinople (A.D. 381) and Ephesus (A. D. 431) as the universal Synods. The Church meticulously observe all faith declaration of the Nicean Creed. The western church at a later stage appended a statement to this creed attributing the Holy Ghost to be originating from Son also, (Filioque) which we do not accept. The Church was totally merged with the divine element and became one (Monophysite).

The church believes that Jesus Christ is one Person out of two natures namely human and divine. He is perfect man and perfect God. But Western Church had wrongly construed us Monophysites. This was an unfortunate error that creeped into the Western Church History. But this anomaly was removed as a result of the deliberations at Vienna under the auspices of Pro-Orienete’.

The faith of Orthodox Churches like Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian and Indian Church are in line with the beliefs of Syrian Churches. The Syrian orthodox church assiduously teach its members that the Church is One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic enshrined with all elements of full-fledged Church and it paves way for salvation and that it is the duty of each member to obey the directions of the Church. The sacramental rites such as Baptism, Confirmation, Eucharist, Confession, Priestly Orders, Matrimony and Sacrament to sick are held sacred and the members have ardent belief in their efficacy. Among those the first three rites are not only given together but are most important and each member has to partake in these without fail. The Syrian Church believes in infant baptism. Hot and cold water mixed together is used for baptism.